Celtic Trinity Knot Stone Set Dangle Earrings

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Delightfully dainty, the Celtic Trinity Knot Stone Set Dangle Earrings are a charming representation of the Trinity knot. Each earring holds two Trinity knots, the larger of which are encrusted with cubic zirconia stones and are suspended with a touch of whimsy, giving the impression that they are dangling in the wind. 

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The Trinity knot holds special significance in Celtic culture. The three vesicae piscis, as the almond shapes are called, join together to form a single shape similar to a triangle. The symbol was used in Ancient Celtic times as decoration, and was adopted early on by the Christian faith as a symbol of the Holy Trinity. The three parts are also considered to be symbols representing Past, Present, and Future, or the loving commitment given during a wedding to Love, Honor and Protect a significant other.

  • METAL: Sterling Silver
    WEIGHT: 2.4 grams
    WIDTH: 12mm
    HEIGHT: 33mm
    MAIN STONE: Cubic Zirconia